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Exercising the rights to have visitors always depend on the given circumstances at the inpatient department that are regulated within the department’s policy.


Exercising these rights are only possible if the rights of other patients are also treated with respect, and until it does not cause disruption in the medical services provided for the patients at the medical facility.


This right involves that the patients have the right to have visitors (relatives and other visitors) and also to ban certain people from visiting them during their hospital stay. The patient has the right to keep the information regarding their hospital stay and their treatment personal. Deviation from this right is only permitted if it is indicated by the patient’s medical treatment, in that case, information can be given only to their close relatives or to their legal guardian.


Critically ill patients have the right to have a designated person around. The person can be designated either by the patient or (in case of incapacitated patients) the legal guardian. Critically ill patients are those who are unable to provide their own basic needs.


Minors have the right to have their parent or their legal guardian around, or another person designated by them. Pregnant women who are giving birth also has the right to have a designated person around during their labor and the delivery, and to have their babies around after birth, if it is not indicated otherwise by medical professional reasons.


Patients also have the right to exercise their religious beliefs freely and to meet religious people during they hospitalization.


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